Jay reese X space bound on the Rise

Since signing to SBE at the end of 2021, Jay Reese and SBE went straight to work starting and finishing there first EP in a handful of studio sessions.
The EP will be titled One Of You which happens to also be the title of the hit Single To his 1st Project.
Hard to Put One Of You In a Genre Although Hip Hop Fundamental Called it MexiCali Hip Hop The First Of It’s Kind.
The anticipation of this EP has already started waves amongst the music industry.
 Major Labels are paying Close Attention To The Moves From Jay Reese and His Camp.
Jay Reese Landed a slot on the Cover Of Hip Hop Fundamental Magazine That Headlined Legendary Rapper from The Legendary Group Main Source Michael D Deering.
Jay Was super stoked to be part of that magazine Since it was a first edition as Well as a Part of Hip Hop Legends. 
( To check out the magazine please click the link below. HHFM Vol. 1)
One of You will be a powerful Entrance to an industry that is filled with talent.
Jay Reese is only 26 years old & Ready To Be a Major Staple in The Music Industry For A Long Time.
Jay Has All The Tool’s Necessary To Become a Major Headliner.
He has already Headlined an event in Southern California at the Proabition & is Looking Forward To Many More Events When This EP “One Of You” Drops.
One Of You Is Filled With Talent Executive Produced By Amir Mogadam.
Amir and Jay Work Together Like Butter is to Pancakes.
They Hit The Ground Running Grabbing Grammy Winning Producer D Black For the Hit Single One Of You.
While Most Artists Load up On Features One Of You Is Almost all Jay Reese Except For One Song Featured by Artist AMORAA.
Danny Trejo, Trejos Music Groups Super Talented Artist AMORAA Has an Amazing Voice They Have Great Synergy Together on the Song They Did Titled “Se Llama Boom Boom”.
Amir SBE says
“Overall This Project Has been a Blessing Sometime’s You Come Across That One Artist That Has Everything Your Looking For Jay Reese Is That Artist For Me.
He also Worked with Roger Burnley Legendary Vocal Coach To get Him Ready For What’s To Come 2022 We Outta here”

Other news

2021 was full of high notes and incredible opportunities for the up and coming artist Jay Reese, from getting booked to perform in Atlanta during the Music Business Empowerment Conference with paid flight and hotel to creating and headlining his own show in his hometown. Jay Reese has proven that dedication and consistency will always win. Jay Reese is set to drop an Ep Summer  of 2022. Name of the project is currently undisclosed till further notice. 

Jay Reese’s “Muñeca” Is Earning Him Major Respect as an Artist from the West to the East Coast 

Traveling to Atlanta to compete in the 2HotRadio Showcase, Jay Reese's performance of his current single, "Muñeca", won him the $65,000 Grand Prize including coverage in multiple publications and performances in L.A. during BET Award Weekend Experience. Recently, Jay Reese was booked to perform in Atlanta at the MBE Conference hosted by MakinItMag. His Single “Muñeca” landed him a spot in FreshEstablishments Twerk Songs Playlist on Spotify with over 30k monthly listeners. With all this, Jay Reese’s accomplishments are only the beginning.

ARtist bio

Jay Reese


With his signature brand of Mexicali Hip Hop, Moreno Valley, California artist, singer and songwriter Jay Reese is destined for greatness. He recently performed in the 2HotRadio Showcase in Atlanta, pulling home the $65,000 grand prize as well as a $10,000 cash prize which gave him unprecedented exposure in Los Angeles during the 2021 BET awards experience weekend. The huge win was a great look, but is sure to be only the beginning.


Jay Reese's style is an infectious blend of melodic Hip Hop and Pop fueled by his absolute passion for making music and performing. HIs variety of personas appeals and relates to a broad audience and reveals a multitude of styles that fall under one cohesive umbrella. He is constantly proving that Makin' It means that following your dreams and passions diligently can truly lead to success.


He boasts an early background in acting, choir and performing but holds a "rear view mirror is smaller than the front view" mentality. That translates into constantly working on new music like his singles "Too Good", "Baila" and the blazing "Muneca", which propelled him to his recent grand prize as well as an upcoming feature with none other than Boosie Badass.


His stock is on a steady rise and he is only just starting to reveal his true potential. Stay tuned for what Jay Reese has coming up in the near future.


Jay Reese Wins Free Trip To Atlanta To Perform For Radio and Label Execs During MBE Conference ” - MakinitMag